Woodstock Singapore actively participates in events to create awareness for our products and services. Festivals, markets and fairs, we will select that our most relevant products to meet the requirement of the event.

We believe strongly in giving back to the community. Should you require an environmentally conscious alcohol supplier present for your event, we are here to provide solutions for you. From outdoor events to indoor silent discos, we have the relevant partnerships/ suppliers to meet your requirements.

Private Events

Woodstock Singapore works with companies and co-working spaces on hosting private events for their discerning clientele. From pure supply to beverage services, we have a range of solutions (alcohol is a solution) for your own private event.

If you are looking for unique experiences such as private tastings or even to supplying your wedding, drop us an email and lets get working on (or drinking)  your #woodstockbeverages experience.

Private dining

Let us put together for you a menu for your private party be it just for snacks or a full meal.

Lets get started!

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